The Glory Hall is hiring a Staffing Manager

Position Description: Staffing Manager

The mission of the Juneau Housing First Collaborative is to end homelessness and achieve equity, health, and dignity through housing, connection to services, and community. Our vision is to create an environment conducive to ending the cycle of homelessness. We must do the best that we can to ensure that our actions, our words, and our services contribute to health and well-being, rather than perpetuate the cycle of homelessness and poverty. In order to achieve this vision, all employees of the Glory Hall will treat everyone who walks through the door with the deepest respect, empathy, and compassion. 

The Glory Hall is looking for a full-time Staffing Manager

The main focus of this position is to provide compassionate and kind services to all who come through our doors by coordinating and providing guidance for community support specialists and managing daily shelter operations. 

Employment Type: Salaried

Salary Range: $47,500- $56,000 including generous paid time off

How to Apply: Please send an email with a short description of your interest in this position to AND 

Please include a resume and 2-3 references.


  • Profound and deep-felt respect and compassion for all people 
  • Respect for all lifestyles 
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work in an intense and challenging work environment 
  • Knowledge of social issues related to homelessness, mental illness, and addiction 
  • Strong computer and writing skills
  • Strong problem solving, decision making, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment
  • Degree in a related field or experience with employee supervision and working with people who have experienced homelessness, addiction, and symptoms of mental illness

Staffing Manager Duties

– Staffing

  • Find, interview, hire, and supervise all community support specialist staff
  • Create a schedule for all CSS staff and coordinate with the overnight manager to ensure continuous coverage of the shelter 24 hours a day
  • Find and schedule staff training opportunities
  •  Schedule monthly staff check-ins with all staff and more as needed
  • Communicate with staff to schedule all-staff meetings, and send out meeting notes post in-person meeting times

– Shelter

  • Maintain a reasonable level of shelter supplies including but not limited to cleaning supplies, office supplies, bedding, towels, kitchen supplies, necessary food items, etc. by coordinating staff to do Costco, Home Depot, and Food Bank runs. When staff is not available to do shopping trips, Staffing Lead will go themselves when necessary
  • Provide support to Community Support Specialists while in the shelter, working to create a space of calm by assisting in de-escalating conflict

– Payroll

  • Maintain the staff clock-in tablet and corrections page, make any necessary changes to recorded hours within Quickbooks, and review/approve all staff hours, on a bi-weekly basis.
  •  Review paper timesheets and turn them in to accountants with Accounts Payable paperwork

– Other Duties

  • Participate as an on-call manager in a one-week rotating schedule, with a four-week break between each on-call rotation. The on-call manager is available to assist staff members 24hrs a day for the two-week period, including but not limited to finding last-minute coverage, making decisions regarding overnight shelter eligibility, and assisting staff with any issues that may arise outside of normal business hours.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned

The Glory Hall
8715 Teal St
Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 586-4159

Forget-Me-Not Manor
1944 Allen Court
Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 500-7345

Located on the land of the Áak'w Ḵwáan, TGH acknowledges their community and elders past and present and future generations who have been, and continue to be stewards of this land since time immemorial. TGH also acknowledges all indigenous people who have been displaced from their lands, cultures, and communities resulting in hardships including homelessness. TGH wants to honor all indigenous people and commit to learning, listening, and undoing harm along with our partners.