Our History

Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministry, dba The Glory Hall (TGH) was established in 1982 to alleviate the suffering and prevent the deaths of exposure by people suffering from homelessness, hunger, and alcohol dependence on the streets of Juneau. The facility began as a soup kitchen and soon rented a building space. The existing 247 S. Franklin Street building was constructed in 1994. TGH is open every day of the year 24 hours per day. In addition to core TGH services, TGH board and staff recognized the critical need for permanent supportive housing in Juneau, for individuals struggling with addiction issues. In 2015 TGH took a leadership role in creating the Juneau Housing First Collaborative and now operates 64 units of permanent supportive housing with services, including clinical services provided out of the JAHMI Health and Wellness Clinic that are provided on site. In the summer of 2021, TGH moved its operations to a new facility at 8715 Teal St. The facility contains 43 private sleeping spaces as well as 18 overflow spaces, a dining room, storage for patron belongings, a produce garden and a meeting space that can be used by partner agencies to meet with patrons. Currently, TGH Shelter provides the following services in the community: Emergency night shelter, limited case management, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks and other food assistance, day shelter, laundry, showers, clothing, basic necessities,  transportation assistance, social service referrals, ID assistance, community outreach, produce garden, labor program, advocacy, volunteer opportunities, Juneau Medical Respite program collaboration, grant administration, and 24/7 staffing.

Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministries dba The Glory Hall and Juneau Housing First Collaborative merged in the summer of 2022 to become Juneau Housing First Collaborative dba The Glory Hall. 

Both the Glory Hall Shelter and Forget-Me-Not Manor are funded based on a mix of federal, state, and local grants as well as the incredibly generous support from our community.
Thank you so much!

Our Board

  • Co-Chairs: Joyce Niven and Bruce Denton
  • Vice-Chair: Jordan Nigro
  • Secretary: Patrick Minick
  • Treasurer: David Branding
  • Claudette Thor
  • Jeannette Lacey
  • Merry Ellefson
  • Debbie Maas
  • Wade Bryson
  • Mary Aperezuk
  • Julie Willoughby

The Glory Hall
8715 Teal St
Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 586-4159

Forget-Me-Not Manor
1944 Allen Court
Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 500-7345

Located on the land of the Áak'w Ḵwáan, TGH acknowledges their community and elders past and present and future generations who have been, and continue to be stewards of this land since time immemorial. TGH also acknowledges all indigenous people who have been displaced from their lands, cultures, and communities resulting in hardships including homelessness. TGH wants to honor all indigenous people and commit to learning, listening, and undoing harm along with our partners.